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write your reps!

As part of the nation-wide March for Science, I worked with several fellow Caltech grad students and New Orleans-based artist Jacob Carroll to develop a series of postcards containing information, graphics, and resources about various facets of the climate system.  On the day of the march, we handed out 700 postcards in Pershing Square, encouraging those who came by to write their representatives

in support of climate research.

The postcards are available here as a free download:

[Atmospheric CO2] | [Paleo Records] | [Ocean Acidification]

[EPA Regulation] | [Air Quality] | [Sea Level Rise]

demos & public outreach.

I enjoy doing hands-on demonstrations, as they allow people to really grasp the excitement I feel about my work.  I've participated in elementary school outreach nights through Caltech and most recently helped organize a booth for Caltech GPS at the Los Angeles March for Science Expo, where I spent seven hours doing demonstrations and engaging with the public.  

I'm always looking for fun new demonstrations and outreach opportunities, so please contact me if you have either!

guest lectures & talks.

Over the course of my time at Caltech, I have been able to give many outreach talks to diverse audiences such as middle schoolers, the general public, and the science and support staff at Palmer Station, Antarctica.  These talks range from brief overviews to full hour lectures on anything from oceanography to climate change.

I have also guest lectured at local middle schools as part of a polar research outreach project, teaching classes on the

Southern Ocean's role in climate change.

I am always happy to connect with the public; please contact me if you have a speaking opportunity.

Want to chat?  Contact me

I'm available to talk by phone, email or via social media.

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